Peopledesign Innovation
Finding and shaping new value.
Peopledesign Branding
Expressing value and purpose.
Peopledesign CX
Customer & User Experience
Delivering value through interfaces and interactions.
Peopledesign Commercial Design
Commercial Design
Unique expertise with built environment companies.

Brand Strategy

Strategic choices about people and promises.
Brands are the perception of value in the mind of the customer. A clear definition and narrative can shape how customers think and what your company can do.

Leadership is about choices. We help you define your audience, differentiated claim, supporting activities – critical decisions to inform your strategic direction.

Value Propositions
Value propositions start with understanding what people value. We discover new insights about what customers want and really need to create map value maps and customer propositions.

A meaningful brand is like a campfire that allows customers, suppliers, and employees around which to gather. We help you define your common purpose.

Brand Identity
Names and logos are ways to express who a company is and aspires to be. We create your brand identity that expresses who you are and how you're different.

Creating a clear and effective message is easier than it sounds. We help you focus and articulate your messages in a framework for communications, campaigns, and activation.

Targeted initiatives, shows, and launches are more effective when there is a common understanding of a strategic direction. We help you create and implement a roadmap for success.

User/Customer Research
You can ask people what they want, but they can't tell you what they need. We conduct people-centered research to discover unmet needs.

Audience Personas/Segments
Knowing your customer isn't enough for your organization to embody a customer orientation. Customer and user personas can help focus and align your team to better target and activate audience groups.

Brand Standards
Scaling the work requires aligning teams, assets, and tools. We define new standards which are practical and actionable.

Product Portfolio Planning
Your products and services should extend your position. We audit and help you organize, optimize, and plan your offer portfolio.

Innovation Opportunities
Building on unmet customers creates opportunities for new products, services, and messages. We help you define paths for future innovation.

I have worked with a number of creative agencies and can say with confidence that Peopledesign is one of the very best I have encountered.

Matthew Darin
Global Brand Management, Amway

GVSU - Peopledesign
The Laker Effect program is overwhelmingly popular with all constituencies and we owe that success to your leadership and expertise.

Nancy French
Senior Director of Communications, GVSU

ESI reported a 40% growth rate following the first major adoption of strategies.

Mark Rhoades

President, Fellowes Contract

Brand Identity Essentials

Our book is available in six languages and is in its second edition.

Brand Identity Essentials
“A model for clarity in a field that rarely has any.”

– Ralph Caplan

Introduction | 100 Principles for Building Brands
Download Brand Framework | Brand Audit Template | Course Curriculum

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